Experience nothing short of AMAZING

My experience at Nackord Karate has been nothing short of AMAZING. I had wanted to pursue training in the marital arts for several years, but never really had the time until I graduated from college. I contacted Dennis Nackord and came in to talk with him one night. We spoke for about 30 minutes on a variety of topics and I remember how at ease he made me feel about exploring the martial arts. I was instantly sold on his philosophy and passion for the art.

More then 4 years later I still look forward to every class and have never once felt uncomfortable or unappreciated in any class I've taken. The atmosphere is friendly, encouraging, and conducive to learning. The instructors are patient and eager to help any student. I can honestly say that the attitude and teaching abilities of Mr. Nackord and the school's head instructor, Jon Van Cleve, are the driving reason to why I have grown to love the martial arts.

For anyone who is thinking about starting in the martial arts, or tried it before and stopped, or anyone looking for a fun, intensive workout, there is no better place you could possibly choose then Nackord Karate.

Jim McClelland

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