Highest level of instruction and family

There are a lot of things I could say about the Nackord Karate System school and Mr. Nackord but the two most important things to me are the level of instruction and the level of family at the school. I've been attending for nearly 15 years and in that time I've talked to numerous people outside the school regarding the martial arts and when I talk about how Mr. Nackord will breakdown a punch or a kick or discuss position and angle people look at me kind of funny since they never have been taught that level of detail even at advanced levels. I have also made many close friends here at the NKS. Even if I don't see someone for some time or I can't attend for a while, I always feel at home stepping back onto that floor - and Mr. Nackord always sees to that. If I ever need help at home or to move there are always at least 4-5 Nackord guys there helping out. I've had a few bruises over the years, but also lots of good times and life lessons.


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