Easy transition from another school

I came to Nackord Karate from another studio which had closed down. I was a bit uneasy as I was a green belt at the time and had been a part of a small, close-knit studio for the last several years - sort of like the new kid on the first day of school. When I called up to inquire about how the process of transferring between schools should work, Mr. Nackord answered the phone. An hour later I felt like I was on the path to finding a new Kenpo home. The staff and members of the studio couldnít have been more welcoming. Everywhere I turned someone was more than willing to answer my questions or help me fine-tune my techniques. Itís not unusual to have multiple black belts in the adult class, all of whom are more than willing to help the lower rank members improve on their skill set. Throw in the kids' classes and after-school programs and the studio really does take on a family-type quality. I couldnít be happier with the turn of events that brought me to Nackord Karate.

Jim MacKenzie

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