The journey can be enjoyed for a lifetime

Several years ago I began martial arts for reasons I suspect most students begin--to learn self defense. Now, as a black belt, I am better equipped to defend myself, but karate has become much more than that. It is a way of life. By working hard to achieve a personal goal, I have received multiple rewards that initially were not considered. The time spent with Dennis Nackord, Jon Van Cleve, the other instructors, and fellow students has strengthened my life emotionally, socially, physiologically, and intellectually. It is also my belief that the experiences at Nackord Karate have also allowed me to contribute in some positive way to others, perhaps by being a better husband, father, friend, and community servant. But the greatest benefit is that the journey into martial arts is not an end to be reached; it can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

1st Degree Black Belt

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