Reduced stress in personal life, got back into shape

I started with the Nackord Kenpo Karate System at a time in my life when I was going through difficult family-related issues. My original intent was to take karate for a while to relieve stress through physical exertion, while at the same time get back in shape and fill a temporary activity void in my life. 

From a perspective of those initial goals, the NKKS was a resounding success. I was able to reduce the stress, which in turn helped me successfully work through my external issues. I also returned to a level of physical fitness that I had not felt in many years, and in many ways surpassed it. Finally, soon after starting, I found that I looked forward to working out at the NKKS, to being with new-found friends, and to continually make progress in my training.

Today, almost eight years after starting, I am still an regular there. The more I've trained, the more I realize how good the program and the instructors are from a martial arts perspective. Mr. Nackord has incredible skill in many different aspects of martial arts and is very adept at conveying those skills to his students. Moreover, he has a large staff of instructors (led by another excellent martial artist and teacher, Jon Van Cleve), all of whom are skilled as practitioners and trainers, so that virtually every class has several people helping at once (both children's and adults' classes).

And, as importantly, in these years I have also found many more levels at which the NKKS has contributed to my life. It continues to be an anchor for physical and emotional stability; it is a fun place to work out; and I continue to make good friends there.

I recommend the NKKS to anybody--from four years old to eighty years old--who wants to improve his or her well-being, learn self-defense and fighting skills, and add an enjoyable activity to his or her life.

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