Junior Rank and Stripe Material

White to Purple Belts

The following material is required for the next belt and stripe test.

Stances Kicks Blocks/Punches
Horse Stance
Forward Bow Stance
Neutral Bow Stance
Cat Stance
Crane Stance
8-Count Stance Drill
Front Kick
Rear Kick
Side Kick
Roundhouse Kick
Spinning Rear Kick

Inward Block
Outward Block
Upward Block
Downward Block
Shuffle Back Fist
Reverse Punch
Counter Punch

Combinations Self-Defense
Front Kick/Rear Kick Combo (Same Leg)
Front Kick/Side Kick Combo (Same Leg)
Front Kick/Round Kick Combo (Alternating)
Step back with inward block and reverse punch
Step back with outward block and reverse punch
Back fist/Counter punch/round kick combo
Punch Defense
(Delayed Sword)

Push Defense
(Alternating Maces)

Advanced Belts

The following material is required for the next belt and stripe test.

Stances Manuevers Kicks Blocks/Defenses
Reverse Bow Stance
Wide Kneel Stance
Close Kneel Stance
Side Horse Stance

Front Crossover

Shuffle Hook Kick
Spinning Hook Kick
Defensive Rear Kick
Defensive Spin Read Kick
Init Step-Crossover Rear Rear Kick
Defensive Front Kick
Universal Block
Leg Block
Slip Left
Slip Right
Sit Under

Hand Strikes Pad Combinations #1 Pad Combinations #2
Right Cross
Spinning Back Fist
Retreating Jab
Jab, Right Cross, Sit Under, Right Cross
Slip Right, Slip Left, Jab, Right Cross
Slip Right, Sit Under, Leg Block
Step Back Jab, Step in, Right Cross
Defensive Rear Kick, Back Fist
Defensive Spin Rear with Cover Out
Definsive Fron Kick, Counter Punch
Back Fist Fake, Init Step Crossover Read

Self-Defense Terms
Punch Defense
(Circling Fans)

Push Defense
(Parting Wings)
Borrowed Force - Using the energy of your opponent to increase your own power

Focus - Directing all of your mental energy into a task

Timing - Selecting the precise moment to execute a move or to react

Complete a Gold Star Challenge
Come to class prepared

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